The wonderful Wooden dining table is made of solid oak.
The beveled sides of the table top create a wonderful and light appearance for the table.

Size U-leg 3×6 U-leg 3×6
painted black polished stainless steel
160x90cm H75cm €1270  €1445 
180x90cm H75cm €1370  €1555 
200x100cm H75cm €1595  €1760 
220x100cm H75cm €1800  €2005 

Prices for colorless oil.

Extension piece also available:
50×90 cm €334
50×100 cm €395 

The table always has a metal U-leg 3×6 cm.
As an alternative, a different color on the leg: brushed or black painted steel.

The knots on the table are always filled with black filler.
Each table is unique, so the number and size of the knots varies.

The chairs fit around as follows:
160, 180 or 200 cm wide tables, 2 chairs can fit between the legs. Three chairs will do for the width, but then the widest chairs are at the foot.
220×100 – 3 chairs per side (between the legs) + 1 per end

Delivery time approx. 8-10 weeks from order.

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