Säädettävä työpöytä, Time


Adjustable desk, Time

The table combines a traditional, beautiful solid wood top with modern technology.

The height of the table can be easily adjusted by pressing a button (height adjustment between 72 and 121 cm.)
You can also save four different heights in memory, so you can easily adjust the heights that suit you.

The height adjustment works with a quiet electric motor. The electric motor has a four-year warranty.
You can choose black or white as the color of the leg.
The lid is made of solid oak.
The material used is naturally beautiful rustic, i.e. it has knots and holes/grooves.

Cover dimensions (width x depth x thickness) cm: (Prices start)
120 x 68 x 3cm €1198 
130 x 68 x 3cm €1248 
140 x 68 x 3cm €1288 
160 x 70 x 3cm €1438 

Prices for colorless oil

The table can also be ordered with:
blond oil (same price),

blond, white or rauncher oil + 10% of the price.
Matt varnish + 20%

The dimensions of the leg on the floor are: 8×68 cm.

You can choose a straight or beveled edge for the edge of the table:

Straight edge Beveled Edge (f04)

Delivered in parts. Assembling requires a cordless drill.

Assembly instructions
Instructions for use of the control unit

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