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The specialty of the Antero dining table lies in its classic simplicity. The dining table is suitable for different interiors and can be easily combined with other furniture. Full-length pieces of oak have been used in the production of the table, which brings out the beautiful and unique pattern of the wood. It is possible to install an extension plate (50 cm) on both ends of the dining table. With two extension pieces, you get up to 100 cm more table space.
Extension discs are not included in the price, but must be ordered separately.
See: Antero appendage

Antero has 10x10cm wide straight post legs.

Table size
140 x 90 cm, height 75 cm. Table top thickness 3 cm.*
180 x 100 cm, height 75 cm. The thickness of the table top is 3 cm.

140×90 – fits 4-6 chairs
180×100 – fits 6-8 chairs

*Cover thickness changed from 02/2023.

We also make tables to measure, so ask us for a quote on the right product for you!

The model table is finished with Swedish natural oil, which makes the surface beautiful and durable.
The product is made of high-quality solid oak combined with natural oak veneer.
In our online store, you can order a table with colorless oil as shown in the picture.

You can also order a table from our customer service:
With our other oils + 10%.
Matt lacquered + 20%
Black lacquered + 20%

Check out our materials here: Materials and treatments


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