Berg-ruokapöytä 150 jatkettava

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The Berg dining table is designed to look graceful and light, but is still a sturdy and extendable dining table.
The rounded corners of the table cover bring a bit more space to the space than a traditional rectangular table. Thus, the table can be set comfortably even for a larger party, so that the dining area itself can be used as well as possible.

The table has two standard sizes: 150×100 or 200×100 cm*.
Extension pieces are available for both models, which are placed in the middle of the table.
One or two 50 cm extension pieces are available for the 150×100 cm size.

You can order the table with several different oil options. In our online store, you can order a picture of the product with colorless oil or blond oiled.

150×100 H 75 cm + extension piece 50 cm
150×100 H 75 cm + extension pieces 50 cm + 50 cm
200×100 H 75 cm, + extension piece 50 cm*

150 cm + 50+50 cm and 200 +50 cm* tables come with a middle leg, which should be used when the extension piece is in use.

Chairs can fit as follows:

150×100 without extension piece (4-6 chairs)
150×100 + 50 cm (6-8 chairs)
150×100 + 50 cm + 50 cm (8-10 chairs)
200×100 without extension piece (6-8 chairs)*
200×100 + 50 cm (8-10 chairs)*

* If you want to order a 200x100cm Berg dining table, contact our customer service.


The table is made of high-quality European solid oak and treated with natural Swedish wood oil. The oil treatment reveals the beautiful wood pattern and makes it water-repellent and durable. The table is made of class A knotless oak.

Please note that if you choose 150 x 100 + 50 cm, i.e. one extension piece version, you cannot order another extension piece afterwards.

Check out our materials here: Materials and treatments

Berg-ruokapöytä 150 jatkettava
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