Rooma-pyöreä ruokapöytä


Solid oak round Roma is a multipurpose dining table.
Roman’s 4 cm thick table top and 12 cm wide legs create a strong atmosphere.

For surface treatment, we use high-quality Swedish wood oil or durable varnish.
You can choose exactly what you like from the different colored oil and varnish options.
You can also order the products according to the measurements!

Dimensions: (Prices start)
Dining table size d130cm, height 75cm €1739
Dining table size d140cm, height 75cm €1809 
Dining table size d150cm, height 75cm €1879 
Dining table size d160cm, height 75cm €2039 

We can also make larger dimensions in 5 cm increments. Ask our customer service for a quote for the table that’s right for you!
(D160 and larger sizes are made with four legs. Smaller ones with three.)

Prices for colorless oil
– White or blond oil + 10%.

This product is not available to order from our online store. Leave your information in the form below and we will contact you.

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