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Every piece of Woodek furniture comes with a story. If you share our love for the planet, then, you are an honorary member of the Woodek family. Timeless beauty, eco-friendly and sustainability are integrated into our designs and products, making love at first sight a reality.
The Woodek story began in 2008 in Finland when we used our passion for real wood and life-enhancing design to start making durable furniture. Inspired by Scandinavian style and living, our furniture is made in Europe with respect to fair and ethical manufacturing.
We invite you to join us on our journey, and to become a proud owner of a piece of unique Woodek furniture.

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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, France, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, United Kingdom

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Keep hallways tidy with new clever storage pieces. Discover coat racks and hooks.

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Living room

Find your bookcases and shelving units

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Dining room

Gather around for everyday meals and occasional entertaining. Shop dining tables.



Collection of best bedside cabinets & tables.

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